Perfect timing

Is there such a thing as perfect timing? I have always thought so and I firmly believe in Gods timing being perfect. And I have always been able to take “the pause” and wait for the right moments to present themselves for events in my life. But I am really struggling right now in trying to find the right time and place for this decision.

When your kids are little you have to take care of them for everything. Then as they get older they begin to learn how to do things for themselves. You know the progression of things will ultimately lead to pre-school, kindergarten and so on.

When dealing with a parent who has dementia that process goes in the other direction. They have been your parent and larger than life for you, but then they begin to go backwards in time. Becoming the child you once were and needing that same nurturing and care that you needed when you were a child. But wait!

They  aren’t a child, they were used to making their own choices and decisions but they can’t do that anymore . They have designated you to make life choices for them.

So what do I do for a man, my dad, who saved his whole life to be able to live out his remaining years in his comfortable, safe and familiar home? Because he repeats himself, can’t remember things that just happened an hour ago and can’t decide between burgers or spaghetti for dinner, is that a reason to move him to a care facility?




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