4 Calls

You know  when you have a phone call you’re really looking forward to?  Well my dad has  four  calls every day that he looks forward to and they’re all with me. My dad has dementia and he lost his wife, my mom,  in April. And what he looks forward to now every day is hearing my voice. We talk at lunch, after I get off work, in the evening, and before he goes to bed. Some may think it’s obsessive or weird. I try to remember  how blessed I am that I get to talk to my dad every day and that he loves me so much he wants to talk to me.  Don’t get me wrong it’s overwhelming at times, but if that’s all it takes to make him happy and keep him calm when his brain is going through this cruel  disease then I will do it as long as he still knows who I am  and can still talk on the phone.  Well the bedtime call is coming up and I am winding down. I hope everyone has somebody who loves them as much as my dad loves me. Good night

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